3C – Our week in Brighton

Our week in the England was great, we all had so much fun and improved our English skills. Now I’d like to give you a little summary of our trip to Brighton so that you can imagine how much we enjoyed our tour. Saturday We went as 27 kids and two instructors, Mr Geber and Mrs Lercher. We got divided into groups of two for each host family. I think I can say that we all got nice and friendly guys. Our daily routine was like waking up, eating breakfast and instantly going to the bus stop. After arriving at school we had to stay there from 9 am to 12.30 pm, so much better than in Austria. Sunday On Sunday we drove to London, visiting some sights like Big Ben or Westminster Abbey. Furthermore we saw the London Eye. We had great weather so we enjoyed that day. Monday Our first school day started, we had to get up at 7.15. We had a test to check how good we are in English. After school we walked through Brighton for an hour and then we got unleashed and had time to explore that city on our own. The boys and me went to the cinema and watched “Everest”, great movie. Immediately after the cinema we went home. Tuesday Our first lesson in school with our new teacher was cool. I liked “Joe”. At midday we went to Eastbourne and got to see “Seven Sisters”. For me that was the highlight of the day. In the evening it was the same procedure as usual. Wednesday Wednesday was the day when we went to the Royal Pavilion. A gorgeous building, from outside it looks Indian and from inside it remembers of China. After that we went to a museum but it was kind of boring so we left shortly after we entered. In the evening we ate at “Bon Appètit”, a really nice restaurant with an “all you can eat” buffet. Thursday Again we drove to London by train. This London visit was better than the last time. We had more chances to explore and to find new stores. Martin, our tour guide, showed us some nice sights like the Tower Bridge or the Tower of London. He was my favourite tourist guide. We arrived Brighton late so we instantly had to get back home. Friday Friday was the day of our journey back home. I liked Brighton, but I prefer Austria. We drove two and a half hours to the airport and flew two hours back to Austria. The last obstacle was the one-hour-ride to Biedermannsdorf. To sum up I can say that the 3C will never forget this incredible trip to the UK. Everything was just great, and I wouldn´t say “no” to another Great Britain tour. Paul Hoffmann, 3C


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