Venice 2015

BildOn June 24th class 4C hopped on the train to Venice. The train ride was long, but being creative students we found a way to entertain ourselves.

On the next day we arrived at Venice SL. After our teachers managed to get tickets for us we boarded a vaporetto to the Generator Hostel Venice. Then nothing could hold us back, we took the fastest way to the Lido beach. Luckily the beach was not too crowded and the water had the perfect temperature for swimming and having a lot of fun.

After that we got ready for the evening. We walked to Saint Mark’s Square and to Rialto Bridge. There we split up for dinner – but in the end we all ended up having dinner in restaurants next to each other. Later we took another vaporetto to the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice. The rooftop bar had an amazing view over Venice and we enjoyed a few drinks. Of course without alcohol.

Friday started way too early – according to most of us. After breakfast we drove to the Biennale. At first we saw the Giardini and then the Arsenale. The opinions about the art exhibited there were rather divergent. Some of us liked the art, some were confused, and some just enjoyed playing chess there.

Later that day we went to the Lido beach. After dinner, we played a few games in an arcade. Maybe we had a little bit too much fun there – considering our age. Then we went to a little beach party.

On the last day of our Venice trip we visited the Campanile and took a vaporetto down the Canale Grande.

Then we had lunch and recorded some video footage for our English group work.

In the evening we left Venice by train and had another long and hot train ride.

Jakob Eggenhofer & Julia Spitzer, 4C


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