Christina Müllner – Siegerin beim English Language Contest

In December 2015, we were asked if anyone was interested in participating in a language contest that is to be held each year in St. Pölten. Some students were already interested, so there was the need for a preliminary decision in our school. The result was that Lia Spitzer from class 5C and I, who won the HLW-competition, were sent to St. Pölten and Beate Haberhofer, from class 5AB would be the one replacing them if they were circumvented.

Then the 9th of March, that has been eagerly anticipated, finally arrived. My parents drove Lia and me to the WIFI I St. Pölten where the contest was held. There were already a lot of nervous students waiting. We were guided into a room where other “hum-students” have already been waiting and received further instructions there. In the first round we were given pictures, which we had to discuss for a few minutes. In the second round there was a pairing of two students, who had to talk about a school or work related topic. In the third round, each one who had passed the previous rounds, had to watch a video, sum it up and state their own opinion. After that round, only 4 students got to the final task, where we were paired together and had to suggest, how we could improve work life balance in our company, considering a range of bullet points and also coming up with our own ideas.

Afterwards the judges took some time to decide who the winner would be, and we were waiting outside nervously. After a few minutes we could come in again and were told who the winner was. I was overwhelmed at that moment and didn´t even realize at first that I had won.

On the next day, the prize ceremony was held, I won a medal, a certificate and 300€. It was an amazing experience that we will surely never forget. We had the opportunity to meet so many incredible and intelligent students of various schools and also had the chance to prove our own language skills. Good luck for 2017! Christina Müllner 5AB


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