GourmetTreff 3A, 2AAL and 1AAL

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 the classes 3A, 2AAL and 1AAL hosted the so-called “Gourmet-Treff“, which is a culinary event at our school. The evening’s motto was “Around the world in 5 courses” which was reflected in our meals. Half of the students were responsible for the preparation of the meals and the rest looked after our guests.  Since we had the opportunity to choose our field of work, everybody could do what he/she preferred.
All the students invited their parents, friends and teachers. Everybody had a really great time and enjoyed the evening. We personally knew most of the guests and were very excited about the event. As a result, it was a great experience and a perfect practice for the upcoming exam next year.
Author: Isi JARL, 3A

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