September 20 to September 27, 2017
It was a grey and rainy morning when we arrived in Galway after an eight hours‘ trip from Biedermannsdorf via Bratislava and we were all dead tired.
But then the sun came out and the young lady from Atlantic language school showed us the most beautiful corners of this lovely little town on the Irish west coast. In the afternoon our host families picked us up and everyone seemed pretty happy with their accommodation and families.
During the week we had 20 school lessons, mostly in the morning, and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and also the topics and discussions with our teachers. School started at 9:30!!!

One afternoon we visited the Aquarium, which is just amazing with its variety of fish and crabs that you can touch or even hold in your hand. Of course we also saw the Cliffs of Moher and walked along the rim, an unforgettable experience!
The city is friendly and full of music. The most fascinating aspect of our trip, however, were the Irish people. They are welcoming, laid-back, outgoing and very helpful.
Most of us want to come back to Ireland when we are 18. Then we will be able to not only get a snack in the pubs, but also taste a pint of Guinness!

Written by 3D + Hilscher

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