Sprachreise 2AL Edinburgh

2AL – OUR TRIP TO EDINBURGH – 13. – 20. March 2018

We were all very excited when we met at the airport Wien Schwechat on Tuesday, 13 March, in the evening. Our flight was on time and it took us two and a half hours to get to Edinburgh. The weather was cold when we arrived but we were looking forward to meeting our host families.
The first day, we met at school at a quarter to nine. Still tired we got to know Sean, our cool Australian guide, who gave us an introduction to the old and new town of Edinburgh and several other things we should know. Afterwards we were divided into two groups and started our lessons with our two teachers named Juliana and Amber.
Edinburgh Castle, in the heart of the city, was interesting but cold, windy and of course rainy. The next day in the evening we met for the ghost tour which was not so spooky as we had expected it but we were walking around cemeteries and went into old vaults.
Saturday was sunny and began with a trip to the Highlands and Loch Kathrin, followed by Stirling Castle and ended in the city of Edinburgh to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in a cool club.
Glasgow was worth a visit because it is a contrast to Edinburgh and really modern. The highlight was a visit to the lighthouse.
The most beautiful and warmest day, Monday, before our departure, we went up Arthur’s Seat to have a spectacular view of Edinburgh and the ocean.
Our trip was exciting, we gained a lot of experiences, walking through Edinburgh, talking to very friendly people and living with our host families. Edinburgh will see us again, hopefully with brighter weather and more sunshine. 

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