Sprachreise 3ABCD

Teachers: Mag. Evelyn Jandrasits, Mag. Mario Ernst, Mag. Eva Koza, Mag. Christine Glettler

Destination: Cambridge – London

Date: 10th September – 19th September 2016
Our interesting trip to Cambridge improved our English, while it also made us fall in love with Great Britain. It was the first time we flew by airplane with our whole class. The local people were really polite. And the city was a typical British compilation of gothic architecture and modern society.

Guided walks to several places like the Fitzwilliam museum and some of the 31 colleges showed us different sides of this University city where we also had fun at punting, were frightened at the ghost walks and explored the numerous shops and restaurants.

Daytrips to London and Ely made us see more of England and the lessons we had in the morning at ABC language school provided native speaker input.


The food and culture are certainly different from what we know from Austria but after a while you’ll get used to it and learn to enjoy it. Cambridge is an exciting place so we are looking forward to coming back again.

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