Three classes, 3A, 3D, and 2AL, went on a language trip to Dublin, Ireland. There, we went on several outings and also attended a language course. Read on to find out more about our trip!


The scheduled daily excursions included an orientation tour which gave us a first overview of the city and the area we would mostly be in. Furthermore, we went to the authentic duplicate of Jeanie Johnston famine boat and got to know a part of Irish history.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s trip, the full day tour to Glendalough, was ruined by cold and rather rainy weather, leaving most of the students soaked. Fortunately, the Glendalough Museum showed us the beauty of the old Irish monastery city and actually seeing the ruins in person later on left most students quite impressed.

The most outstanding trip was the Howth cliff walk. Thankfully, it was sunny and warm that day which enabled us to enjoy the sea and the cliffs.

On Monday we attended an Irish dance course. It was quite the experience to see and learn a traditional Irish dance.

The last scheduled trip was the visit of the national art gallery. After looking at the different parts of the gallery we had to recreate one of the pictures in the group.


All students attended the Centre of English studies for 4 days. Classes were in the afternoon and consisted of four hours with a 20-minute break and our teacher switching out after the first two lessons. During those lessons, we did a plethora of activities, ranging from simple worksheets to small presentations about our time in Dublin.


All in all, it can be said that the trip was really interesting and very nice. It was a great opportunity to get to know a new culture and new people. Not only were we able to spend time and create fun experiences with our friends and classmates but we also learned a lot about Ireland and its traditions. We would very much recommend a language trip to Dublin Ireland to any class as it is great bonding time for the students and also amazing to improve one’s English. 


Travel report by: Lea Rotschenk, Dorien Spatt, Nevio Engel, Janna Zemann, Ann-Cathrin Martinz