On Monday, 17th October, my class and I went on a trip to Vienna to play discgolf in the Prater. We met at the train station in Mödling and took the train and underground to get to the big park. After a short walk to a tennis club, we got our discs and into groups of four. Our teacher explained the rules and the time we had to back again and then we got started.

The rules of discgolf are that every player throws their disc in the direction of the basket and wants to get the disc into the basket with as few throws as possible. In our groups, we wrote down the score for each basket we played. The first two baskets were very difficult to aim at because we had never played this sport before. But after a few tries we got the drill and it was much easier to reach the baskets.

After about two hours of playing, we returned the discs and made our way back to school. Since we had 20 minutes of free time at the main train station in Vienna, we got the permission to buy ourselves something from McDonald’s, which was great. In a nutshell, it was a very fun and interesting experience.

By Lisa Fuchs, Fleix Hamann-Merz, and Livia Khachik